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    A web fiction / novel theme for WordPress


    Before we begin, it’s important to note that I have a full-time job and developing Fictioneer is something I do on my own personal time out of a desire to provide writers with a quality theme to host their stories. This is why, against all good business advise, I’m going to be blunt: I take commissions but I’m selective about it. If you’re interested, I’m happy to discuss the opportunity with you, but please keep in mind the above. Maintaining the Fictioneer theme for free is already an unreasonable effort, and there is only so much a single person can do.

    What commissions do you take?

    I’m a programmer, not an artist. The theme’s design is the best I was capable of after years of trial and error. Color schemes are the bane of my existence and non-euclidian geometry makes me cry. If you need functions or features, I’m your guy. If you want an avant-garde website, you need to provide me with the graphics and design, or at the very least a strong reference. Perhaps you can find a designer on fiverr?

    As long as you can tell or show me what you want, I can implement it. Although I recommend sticking to simple, because eccentric is expensive and you would not want to distract from your words. Grayscale and muted colors work best, dark mode limits your options fiercely.


    My price depends on your requirements, because I charge by the hour. Once you submitted your hopefully detailed request, I will make a work estimate and tell you the price. Changing requirements in between can change the estimate. Time is valuable. You may get a discount if I like your stories.

    I do offer a few flat services:

    ServiceFlat PriceDetails
    Installation/Setup$50-200Get the theme running. Highly depends on your hosting plan and help needed.
    Plugin Integration$30+Many plugins just work, some require adjustments. Can become expensive fast.
    Minor Customizations$30+Some links here, a button there, small style changes, perhaps a few colors.
    Prices are for average cases, can increase. Prices in USD.


    Since Fictioneer is open source, you can of course hire any WordPress developer willing to work with the theme, including those who are more affordable. In fact, I would be honored if others would do business around the theme. However, I do offer a few unique benefits.

    • Creator: Obviously, as creator of the theme, I know my code and how to customize it best. This also makes my work estimates a lot more accurate.
    • Compatibility: Fictioneer has many actions and filters for customizations, but not everything can be accounted for. I can update the core for better compatibility if necessary.
    • Testing: Customizations are done in development child themes, which I test against changes to the core theme. While this is no guarantee, it makes conflicts with future updates significantly less likely.

    Contact me

    You can contact me on Ko-fi, Discord, or via the contact form. Please describe your commission in detail and include links to your works so I can get a broader picture. My critical approval is not required and I can distinguish fiction from reality, but there is such a thing as illegal and harmful content. I will not support malice.