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    Blog Post – The Sapphire Shadow

    This is a test post to show the Blog tab in the The Sapphire Shadow story.

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    • The Sapphire Shadow Cover
      by James Wake Nadia was born the heiress to a corporate empire, destined for a life of wealth and privilege in what used to be America. But she would rather spend her time committing high-tech heists, aided and abetted by her oldest friend, Tess. Tess is a technical genius, a snarky hacker who designed and built her own right arm, and together, they pull off a series of daring crimes.
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction
    • 01 – Compulsive Cover
      by James Wake It was ugly, really. Horrid. She stared at herself in a small mirror, the gem around her neck barely catching her eye. “Stunning,” the salesman said. “That color is perfect for you.” She ignored him. He didn’t know what he was talking about. The gem on this necklace was too big and tawdry. Not at all like the simple, elegant silver thing a few inches farther down the display, with diamonds so small and clear they looked like pinpricks of light running down the chain. It had caught…
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction