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    Cover of Crimson Lips

    Crimson Lips

    by Monochromatic

    Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Cindermere, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women forge an unlikely bond and explore the answer to a simple question: is selling your body the same as selling yourself?

    This is an excerpt for demo purposes. More from the author on www.hollowshades.com.


    This is an extra page attached to the story. You can add up to four pages with any content here, provided you also fill out the Short Name property. As you can see, there is not much space for the tabs, so take that into account. Although they can wrap without breaking the layout, it does not quite look as good.


    • Artworks (or memes)
    • Lore and history
    • Character portfolios (meh)
    • Timeline
    • Glossary
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