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    • End’s Beginning and The Carriage that took us there Cover
      by Monochromatic My lips glistened with a rather costly lipstick—my very own blood. It trickled from my mouth, down my chin, and a droplet fell on her shirt. The noises around us faded from my mind. They became distant, so very distant, and all that mattered was her. Her, as she held me, and her, now stained with my life’s pulse liquefied. Her thin, weak arms surrounded me, so different and distinct from those of the many men and women that had claimed my body before. I’d been a fool, I knew.  If…
      Original • Drama • LGB • Romance • Sex
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      Katalepsis Thumbnail
      by Hungry — Nightmares and hallucinations have plagued Heather Morell all her life, relics of schizophrenia and childhood bereavement. Until she meets Raine and Evelyn, that is — self-proclaimed bodyguard and bad-tempered magician — and learns she’s not insane at all. The spirits and monsters she sees are all too real, the god-thing in her nightmares is teaching her how to surpass human limits, and her twin…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Girls Love • Romance • Urban Fantasy
    • mind; correlating – 1.1 Cover
      by Hungry On the day I met Raine, the first thing I did was jerk awake in bed and vomit nightmares into my lap. That’s not quite accurate. If I could purge the nightmares like a bad meal then life would be a lot easier. No, I brought up bile and what little I’d managed to keep down over the last couple of days, then dry-heaved through the aftershocks, shaking and coated in cold sweat. The nightmares had lashed at me for two weeks; last night set a new record of unbroken pain. For a long moment I screwed my…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Lesbian • Romance • Urban Fantasy
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      Crimson Lips

      Crimson Lips Cover
      by Monochromatic Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Cindermere, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women forge an unlikely bond and explore the answer to a simple question: is selling your body the same as selling yourself?
      Original • Drama • Romance • Sex
    • providence or atoms – 2.12 Cover
      by Hungry First, we retraced our steps. More accurately, Raine retraced our steps and led me in her wake. She left no question as to who was going first, back through the double-doors to the corridor of Not-Willow-House. A familiar transformation came over her – watchful, alert, tense. My hand felt clammy in hers, my heart in my throat. In the fake corridors she eased each set of doors open with the tip of her boot, waited for any nasty surprises to jump out at us before proceeding. The Medieval…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Lesbian • Romance • Urban Fantasy
    • providence or atoms – 2.11 Cover
      by Hungry For the first couple of years after Wonderland, after my trip down the rabbit-hole, after losing my twin, after the doctors and the hospitals and the drugs and the dislocation, I did speak to spirits. Mostly I screamed at them to go away. Twelve-foot figures of dripping neon had stalked the nighttime hallways of Cygnet Children’s Hospital. Often they’d wander into my room, ghosting through the door and crawling up the walls and watching me in bed, too terrified to sleep. I’d scream and rave and…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Lesbian • Romance • Urban Fantasy
    • providence or atoms – 2.10 Cover
      by Hungry If a team of expert psychologists drew up a list of the worst people from whom to seek stable emotional support, then after the obvious abusers and narcissists and sociopaths, I would rank pretty high on that list. Evelyn did not have anybody else in that study with her. She had me. I did what I could. My first instinct – were I capable of such courage – was to throw myself at her, hug her, tell her it was okay, whatever it was; Evelyn was my friend and she was in pain, and I felt it too. But I…
      Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Lesbian • Romance • Urban Fantasy
    • providence or atoms – 2.9 Cover
      by Hungry Anticlimax is often far more challenging to accept than the release of action. All the best stories build up and up, then explode from sheer pressure. We expect our lives to work that way. For years I believed in my own special susceptibility to that lure, the temptation to see one’s life as a story, with myself cast in the role of the hounded, persecuted protagonist; paranoid schizophrenics slide down that slippery slope with such ease. But we all do it, contort ourselves into narratives, each of us…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Lesbian • Romance • Urban Fantasy
    • providence or atoms – 2.8 Cover
      by Hungry My stamina gave out long before we caught the Demon. I’d never been very fit. Scrawny legs, no real strength. Hadn’t gotten any serious exercise since childhood. Raine had insisted we not run. Hurrying along Sharrowford’s canted, hilly streets for over an hour was more than enough to drain what little reserves I had. I gave in on the corner of Harries Road, slowed and stumbled to a stop and doubled over with my hands on my thighs, sucking air through a raw throat. The ache in my diaphragm…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Lesbian • Romance • Urban Fantasy
    • providence or atoms – 2.7 Cover
      by Hungry The mitten saved me. Raine helped. The Dark Hand gripped my wrist, but simple screaming terror wrapped around my heart. No need for paralysing supernatural force to immobilise me. Here was an unspoken fear from the darkest nights of my ruined childhood: Wonderland reaching out to snatch me away. Bone-freezing cold soaked through the mitten and into my flesh. The Dark Hand pulled. Raine already had me, arms hooked under my shoulders from behind. She’d reacted first, faster even than the…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Lesbian • Romance • Urban Fantasy