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      An example collection with post-apocalyptic stories.
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      Necroepilogos Thumbnail
      by Hungry — Nothing walks the black cinder of Earth except the undead leftovers, reanimated by science so advanced it may as well be magic. Twisted into unimaginable forms by flesh-shaping and machine-grafting, the undead are the only remnant of a civilization reduced to bitter ash and organic slurry. Zombies shuffle through the ruins of nuclear fire and biological warfare and far worse, alongside rusted war-machines still…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • corpus – 1.1 Cover
      by Hungry A blossom of alchemical fire grew in quiet flesh; a spark took hold in the wet crimson darkness of muscle and marrow and memory. And Elpida choked back to life inside her own coffin. Blank grey steel, inches from her nose. Eyes aching like spent coals, lids rasping like sandpaper. A shallow layer of cold, greasy fluid clung to her back, her buttocks, the undersides of her legs. Hair slicked to her skull and stuck to her neck. A faint blue glow came from left of her head, illuminating her naked…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • rapax – 2.2 Cover
      by Hungry A maze of grey metal corridors, punctuated by abandoned rooms, empty niches, and broken medical equipment; steep stairs with matching metal handrails, the stairways divided in two, with helpful yellow arrows on the floor to indicate which side was for going up and which was for going down; semi-circles of uncomfortable chairs, the fossils of forgotten meetings; atria with glass ceilings looking out on the dead sky, reception desks with broken computer terminals, locker rooms with nothing left inside. Every…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • rapax – 2.1 Cover
      by Hungry Pointing a gun and making a threat was easy, even if that gun weighed fifty kilograms and required a stabilisation rig strapped around the user’s hips. Pulling the trigger would be easy too; Elpida’s mind had already calculated the firefight which would ensue, and she knew it would not be much of a fight. One round from the coilgun would slam a plate-sized hole through the middle of Lianna’s bionic spider body. The same round, angled correctly, would also catch Inaya — the crumpled, shrunken,…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • corpus – 1.8 Cover
      by Hungry Elpida took command. “Into the gravekeeper’s room, now!” Click-click-click went metal on metal, racing down the lift shaft. “Amina, hold onto that shield and get behind the wall. Vicky, grab three more ballistic shields, toss them back there, then start flipping tables, pile them in the archway. Atyle, you take a shield as well then get behind the wall. And help Kagami, hunker down. Howl—” Elpida froze. The others froze with her, hanging on her words; they didn’t know…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • corpus – 1.7 Cover
      by Hungry The gravekeeper’s chamber: two dozen feet of grey metal pyramid with the top scooped off; a black sphere cradled in that apex, blank and still; the upright coffin with half a girl inside, more wire and tube than flesh and bone. Elpida did not see the avatar speak. None of them did, except perhaps Ilyusha. The others were clustered on the laboratory side of the first room, with the corpse and the coffin hidden by the dividing wall. By the time they recovered from the shock of the mechanical…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • corpus – 1.6 Cover
      by Hungry Pira’s intel was good; the service lift was right where she’d said it would be, fifty feet down a corridor off the side of the atrium. But that corridor was kinked into a trio of awkward corners, narrowed into choke-points, and punctuated by a steep switchback ramp. Empty hard-points pockmarked the walls and ceiling like scabbed sockets after tooth extraction. Everything was made of that same dull grey metal, just as spotless and dust-free as everything else inside the tomb — except for a few…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • corpus – 1.5 Cover
      by Hungry Elpida had made sure that every member of the cadre was trained in close-quarters combat — unarmed or otherwise. Even the few who had no natural aptitude, like Bug, or Shade. At thirteen years old she’d spent six painstaking months personally coaching Shade every day, both of them black and blue all over, sleeping together in each others’ scent, until Shade could last five minutes against Elpida herself. The cadre hardly needed help to work together — they had proven that with their first group…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • corpus – 1.4 Cover
      by Hungry Tracking Pira was easy; Elpida followed the trail of dried-out slime. The corridors beyond the resurrection chamber were made of uniform, seamless, silver-grey metal. Cold, windowless, and impossibly clean, without a single particle of dust. Flakes of dried slime stood out on the metal floor, scraps of crumbly translucent biomass caught in searing white illumination, from lights recessed behind thick plastic in the ceiling. Pira must have shed the flakes as the slime had dried on her skin, but the trail…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction