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    The Emerald Haven

    The Emerald Haven Cover

    Sequel to The Sapphire Shadow.

    Nadia Ashpool was infamous as the elusive cat burglar the Sapphire Shadow, stealing at will and mocking the authorities in a series of dazzling heists. But her reign of fabulous terror ended in a spectacular arrest, and she’s been locked away in solitary for almost three years. When she finally escapes, her family comes after her with every soldier in their vast private army, stopping at nothing to end her little rebellion.

    Rebellion is the last thing on Nadia’s mind. Simply surviving is hard enough. Luckily she has the help of the genius cyberterrorist Tess Tanaka and Alice Jackson, a former cop turned renegade criminal. Together, they make a run for somewhere, anywhere, any safe place left at all in a world twisted by the ravages of climate change.

    The city of Haven calls itself “The Safest City in the World.” And it is. For some people. But there’s no such thing as a safe place for people who would stand up for themselves. Sometimes you can’t run and hide.

    Sometimes, you have no choice but to fight back.

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