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      Necroepilogos Thumbnail
      by Hungry — Nothing walks the black cinder of Earth except the undead leftovers, reanimated by science so advanced it may as well be magic. Twisted into unimaginable forms by flesh-shaping and machine-grafting, the undead are the only remnant of a civilization reduced to bitter ash and organic slurry. Zombies shuffle through the ruins of nuclear fire and biological warfare and far worse, alongside rusted war-machines still…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
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      Katalepsis Thumbnail
      by Hungry — Nightmares and hallucinations have plagued Heather Morell all her life, relics of schizophrenia and childhood bereavement. Until she meets Raine and Evelyn, that is — self-proclaimed bodyguard and bad-tempered magician — and learns she’s not insane at all. The spirits and monsters she sees are all too real, the god-thing in her nightmares is teaching her how to surpass human limits, and her twin…
      Original • Body Horror • Cosmic Horror • Girls Love • Romance • Urban Fantasy
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      Vigor Mortis

      Vigor Mortis Thumbnail
      by Natalie Maher — Casting necromancy without ever learning how isn’t supposed to be possible. A starving orphan girl named Vita is somehow managing it anyway, and she’s not sure if this is going to be the solution to her life’s problems or a horrifying, spiraling mess into problems she can’t even conceive. Vigor Mortis is a lighthearted story about existential terror. Come for the horror, stay for the…
      Original • Adventure • Fantasy • Horror
    • corpus – 1.1 Cover
      by Hungry A blossom of alchemical fire grew in quiet flesh; a spark took hold in the wet crimson darkness of muscle and marrow and memory. And Elpida choked back to life inside her own coffin. Blank grey steel, inches from her nose. Eyes aching like spent coals, lids rasping like sandpaper. A shallow layer of cold, greasy fluid clung to her back, her buttocks, the undersides of her legs. Hair slicked to her skull and stuck to her neck. A faint blue glow came from left of her head, illuminating her naked…
      Original • Action • Girls Love • Horror • Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction
    • 01 – Compulsive Cover
      by James Wake It was ugly, really. Horrid. She stared at herself in a small mirror, the gem around her neck barely catching her eye. “Stunning,” the salesman said. “That color is perfect for you.” She ignored him. He didn’t know what he was talking about. The gem on this necklace was too big and tawdry. Not at all like the simple, elegant silver thing a few inches farther down the display, with diamonds so small and clear they looked like pinpricks of light running down the chain. It had caught…
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction
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      The Emerald Haven

      The Emerald Haven Thumbnail
      by James Wake — Sequel to The Sapphire Shadow. Nadia Ashpool was infamous as the elusive cat burglar the Sapphire Shadow, stealing at will and mocking the authorities in a series of dazzling heists. But her reign of fabulous terror ended in a spectacular arrest, and she’s been locked away in solitary for almost three years. When she finally escapes, her family comes after her with every soldier…
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction
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      The Sapphire Shadow

      The Sapphire Shadow Thumbnail
      by James Wake — Nadia was born the heiress to a corporate empire, destined for a life of wealth and privilege in what used to be America. But she would rather spend her time committing high-tech heists, aided and abetted by her oldest friend, Tess. Tess is a technical genius, a snarky hacker who designed and built her own right arm, and together, they pull off a series…
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction
    • 05 – Cheshire Cat Cover
      by James Wake Days later, Nadia stepped out of the Pass out From Exhaustion Suite cursing the late-afternoon sunlight. The suite had really been earning its name lately. She shuffled along, wiping her eyes, legs stiff and screaming with every motion. “Look who’s up!” Tess said, far too cheerily. She was at one of her workbenches, wearing huge safety goggles as she did…something. Nadia’s eyes were too weak just yet. She fumbled around at one of her desks, having already given up on coffee—it was never…
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction
    • 04 – La Garrud Cover
      by James Wake “Pay dirt!” Tess said. “This stuff is moving.” Nadia ran her index finger around the rim of her coffee cup. Late-afternoon light bathed the office. Soft and gentle, it stung in her eyes. “And here’s another deposit,” Tess said, pacing behind her. “I haven’t even put it all up yet.” “You’re selling it already?” “Sure, why not?” Nadia rubbed her temple with two fingers as she squinted at the coffee. She took a tentative sip and jerked back. Still too…
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction
    • 03 – Law of the Land Cover
      by James Wake Officer Jackson hated these calls. Auktoris security already had the scene cordoned off, a picket line of men and women in a ring around the front of the store. Not the rent-a-cop schlubs that were so common around the fashion district—a real Auktoris Private Security team, their answer to police SWAT units. All black, full tactical armor, each face covered with a blank shell of a helmet. She landed her bike nearby, feeling the warm draft of the engine exhaust off the street even through the thick…
      Original • Action • Crime • Cyberpunk • Science Fiction